Nintendo Switch Pro Controller - First Glance

Submitted by deathspawn on Sun, 07/29/2018 - 00:22

Out of the box, you get the controller wrapped in a sleeve and a usb C cable for charging and whatnot. Holding the controller feels like a Xbox One controller. The buttons are plenty big and a proper dpad is nice to have. I am disappointed that it doesn't come with analog ZR/ZL buttons. You just get the clicky ones. Not good for any racing game, but they work. Probably some gamer advantage thing Nintendo didn't want people to have, which is the same reason we got the little nub of a c-stick rather than a proper 2nd circle pad on the n3DS.


Giving it a charge up since it only came at 50% battery. Will make another post sometime later about the performance. Hoping it doesn't suffer from connection drops and desync issues like the joycons.