Grand Theft Auto V - First impressions

Submitted by deathspawn on Mon, 07/16/2018 - 19:53

First off, I have this game for the Xbox One. I decided to play it vanilla and not use any cheats. This is my first time actually playing a GTA game without cheats.


When I first started this game up, I was in awe of the graphics. They have come a long way since San Andreas. Everything looks so real. Cars have proper lighting on them and you can toggle the lights now. Heck, you can even see the blood if you hit someone on your car. The handling is also much better than it used to be. Before, it was easy to crash since the handling was touchy. Now it feels like Need for Speed Underground 2.


Single player has you doing lots of things. One thing I don't like much is trying to aim while driving. I wish someone else would take the wheel while I am trying to shoot. The music in this game is really good, although, I am not a fan of the station switcher. It is sometimes hard to get to the right one. But it works on the fly if you can remember where your favorite one is.


Multiplayer seems fun but some people are dicks. My first encounter with someone ended with my car being blown up from out of nowhere. I can't wait to fly in a plane or helicopter.